This year I've been asking God a lot about what it means to live with unfulfilled longing and how that is a part of the process of sanctification - how rather than distracting us, longing ought to drive us to prayer and cause us to seek the Father more diligently.

Along that vein, here's an excerpt I read today from The Imitation of Christ:

My son, it is needful to learn many more things, which you have not yet well learned.
What are these, O Lord?
That you set your longing wholly according to My good pleasure; and that you be not a lover of yourself, but an earnest follower of My will.
Various longings may often overwhelm you, and drive you forward with vehemence; but consider whether you be moved for My honor, or rather for your own advantage. If I be the cause, you will be well content with whatever I shall ordain. But if there lurk in you any self-seeking, this is it that hinders and weighs you down. Beware therefore you lean not too much upon preconceived desire, without asking My counsel, lest perhaps afterward you regret it; are displeased with that which at first pleased you, and for which you were earnestly zealous, thinking it the best. For not every affection which seems good is immediately to be followed; nor again is every contrary affection at the first to be avoided.