Apple Seeds - Week #9

Can you believe it has been so long? Time for an update...

Last week I moved. It was a somewhat difficult, emotional move - saying goodbye to Chicago after six years...truly some of the greatest years I've yet had; full of growth and precious friendships.

In the midst of preparing to move I kept eyeing my apple seeds, thinking - 'geez I should just throw those away.' For two months they were just hanging out in the refrigerator, seemingly doing nothing. A few days before the move I surveyed the refrigerator to see what was mine...I pulled the seeds out, and yet again there were no signs of growth. Frustrated, I put them back in and decided I'd make the final call to throw them away later.

Well, moving day rolled around...I opened the refrigerator to gather my things and looked longingly at the bag of seeds. I picked them up to toss them but gave the bag a glance...the seeds SPROUTED!!!!!

I can't tell you how much it meant to me. With this move feeling pretty daunting and emotional, somehow the seeds sprouting felt like a tender affirmation that everything is going to be ok.
So, I potted 4 of the sprouts. I'm spending this whole month in the Upper Peninsula, and I couldn't bear the thought of leaving all of the 'young hopefuls' under another's care, so I brought one with me.

More progress reports forthcoming.