The Beginnings

I've kicked around the idea of starting my own blog for a while now - I dismissed it for a long time, judging blogs to be a somewhat narcissistic means of seeking to be known (perhaps that only points toward my own sinful heart), and never really being sure of what I'd write about.

So why start one now? This past year has been so harried and hectic learning about my role with IV, working part-time at Buca, taking on a leadership role at Park, and trying to be a faithful friend/sister/daughter, that I stop and realize that I'm just plowing through life without slowing down to have an eye for God at work in and around me. As our good friend Socrates said, "The unexamined life is not worth living," So this is one attempt to force myself to slow down a bit and not just let life happen to me. Call me an introvert, but I need lots of time, space, and coffee to process life. I've found that in the stillness of slowing down, God speaks so plainly. Yesterday was one of those days - which is probably what has led to feeling like I actually have something to write about.

So, while it may border on narcissism, I'm hopeful that this could be a means to share with y'all about the things I'm learning, the ways I see God at work in the ordinary things of life, and hopefully to get some feedback.

It's sweet to share the journey.


  1. raydro
    I like the feel of this blog.
    I shall be a faithful reader =D

  2. It's sweet of you to share the journey with us! :)