I thought I'd let y'all in on one of my quirks.

It is my habit to use one pen until it is finished before moving onto another. None of this 5-pens-at-once business or just grabbing whatever is nearest. Perhaps it is an inflated sense of commitment or an unrelenting loyalty; regardless there is always a mixture of celebration and sadness when one is finished and I get to/must move on to another.

All this to say, the other day I finished a pen - its a sweet little accomplishment, so I thought I'd invite you in to celebrate with me. Scared of commitment? I think not!

Feel free to psychoanalyze / ridicule the absurdity of this post - HA!

Here's a picture of the 'new guy.'

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  1. :)

    sometimes i'm expecting one to finish to move to another one hehe :)